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Sarah Brusco has an amazing story. A complication in dealing with an ovarian tumor resulted in the hardening of her vocal chords. She was told that she would never sing again. Sarah’s journey recently culminated in the release of her latest project “The Woven Whisper”.

I am honored to be a part of Sarah’s project with the inclusion of a song I co-wrote with Sarah’s husband, Eben. Sarah’s version is delicate and heartfelt and includes the beautifully haunting cello work of Sharon Gerber (Imogen Heap).




The backstory

In the fall of last year we were going through a series entitled “God In Us” at Vineyard Anaheim. The idea of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can sometimes be under-emphasized perspective in certain corners of the church. A regular prayer of ours is “Come, Holy Spirit”. We talk quite a bit about the Kingdom coming “on earth as it is in heaven”. This idea is also very common in the language of many popular modern worship songs. I’m on board with this popular concept of the work and activity of the Holy Spirit. However, on the topic of “God in us” I just couldn’t find enough material.

I’ve learned that when I am struggling to find the right song to serve my current need, I’ve found a great opportunity to write a song. 

The initial spark

During a mid-week rehearsal, as we were working through the Bryan and Katie Torwalt song, “Holy Spirit” a melodic motif started to take shape. The original lyrics were “Hallelujah, oh my Lord”. For me, there is an x-factor that takes an idea from just “messing around” to being a potential song or “song seed”. I like to think of it as “the kiss of God”, that something special attached to a lyric, melody, and/or chord progression. This “Hallelujah, oh my Lord” idea had that “kiss of God” on it. Then the work began. 

Putting this melodic idea through the lens of “God is us” a new phrase came leaping to life – “make Your home inside my heart”. More forward motion. Here’s an iPhone demo of this initial idea in process from October of 2013:



More progress

A about a week later I had a Skype co-writing session with Eben where I played him this initial idea. Things were starting to take shape. Eben and I bounced ideas back and forth over the next few weeks. Then one Sunday night at Vineyard Anaheim I was free singing over an extended ministry time when a new melodic phrase emerged inspired by Psalm 139 – “search me, know me, make Your home within me”.  This eventually became the bridge and the capstone to the finished song. 

Here’s another iPhone demo with the raw bridge idea:



Some melodic tweaking to the bridge and lyrical work to fill out the verses and we were there. 

The finished song

I love what Sarah and Eben have done with the song.

Here’s a lyric video Eben put together recently:


 Sarah’s project is now available on iTunes by clicking here:


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